Rural Economy

To support the delivery of the Norfolk Rural Economy Strategy, we encourage the use of the Area Reports, Custom Area Reporter and Map Explorer to find and use the latest data for rural areas across Norfolk, including to discover where intervention would be most impactful, or to make the case for funding for your local area, from ward and neighbourhood to district level.

Profile themed data for localities in Norfolk & Waveney

Rural Deprivation Index

Geographical deprivation indices such as the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) are widely used in healthcare research and planning. However, such indices can be inflexible to adaption for specific geographies. The UEA has worked with other partners including Public Health England and Norfolk County Council to propose an adjustable model to enable deprivation indices to be adapted to local conditions and populations. This is achieved through bundling indicators into three domains. The principal domain is general household deprivation which consists of indicators widely acknowledge to be universally associated with deprivation such as income and education. Use “Rural Deprivation Index for Health” as a Layer on the map.

Norfolk Rural Economy Strategy

The Norfolk Rural Strategy Steering Group is a partnership across private, public and voluntary sectors which is committed to promoting and assisting inclusive economic and business growth in rural Norfolk. Since 2013, the Steering Group has overseen the writing and delivery of a rural strategy for the county.

Data Toolbox

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The JSNA provides a picture of the health and wellbeing of the people of our county and the issues which affect their needs, inequalities and services. Significant elements for the economy and employment include:

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