What’s new?

We have a new collection of tools and data to empower you with up-to-date knowledge of local communities in Norfolk and Waveney.

  • Better reporting and profiling: Multi-theme overview reports for Wards and individual themed reports across all geographies for eight themes; Population, Children & young people, Health & social care, Housing, Crime & community safety, Deprivation, Economy & employment and Environment.
  • New Map Explorer: Produce a wide range of thematic maps with our interactive map explorer using different classifications and colour schemes, show animated time-series, view ranked data tables and download or export data.
  • New Data Explorer: As well as being able to download data from the map explorer, you also have a dedicated Data explorer. This allows you to search individual indicators within our data catalogue and download them in a specified format.
  • More Data: Through community insight of more than 5,000 indicators, Norfolk Insight provides the evidence-base you need to make better informed decisions to improve your services and localities.
  • Improved JSNA: A new JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) portal providing a picture of the health and wellbeing of the people of our county and the issues which affect their needs, inequalities and services.
Who can use it?

Norfolk Insight can be used by anyone and you do not need a user account. Whether you require data to evidence investment or funding in the community you work, or are interested in house prices and crime levels in the area you live, anyone with an interest in better understanding their communities can benefit from using the site.

How can it help me?

You can use it to:

  • Explore data to better understand the population of Norfolk and Waveney
  • Access up-to-date data for service planning and delivery
  • Understand the health and wellbeing needs of the people of our county
  • Access data to evidence investment and funding in the community you work
  • Create themed area reports from local neighbourhoods to local authorities
  • Explore data visually through our map explorer
  • Export maps, data and charts to use in your own reports or presentations
  • Help you with research in your academical studies
  • Find out information about the area you live, such as house prices or crime levels
  • And more besides!
Where can I find out more?

View our About us & FAQs page to find out more about Norfolk Insight and answers to questions that we’re regularly asked.