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A high level report of demographic and health issues to inform service strategies and provision.

Norfolk County Council works with a wide range of partners from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors, in order to achieve shared ambitions and objectives. Local authorities, together with other partners, collect a range of data and evidence to support service decision making and resource allocation. Norfolk’s Story aims to bring key evidence together, along with nationally published data, to provide a robust analysis of Norfolk.

The analysis will highlight key and cross-cutting issues such as changes in our population, deprivation, economic, health and rural issues, which could then be used to inform the planning of local service strategies and provision. This means that policy making at all levels is based around a shared understanding of local challenges and help make sure that interventions delivered by different partners are aligned and complementary.

Norfolk’s Story is intended to be a high level report of key information that is supported by detailed needs assessments and plans. As a result, this report is not a strategy, but is the evidence base to support the development of strategy and policy to inform decision making and resource allocation.