Below you will find some useful information about Norfolk’s JSNA and answers to questions that we’re regularly asked.

What is the JSNA & what is it used for?

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires local Health and Wellbeing Boards to be responsible for the production of a JSNA for their area. Enabling them and others to understand the health and wellbeing needs of their area. The Health and Wellbeing Boards Strategy is built on the needs identified within the JSNA.

The JSNA is used…

  • to inform the Health and Wellbeing board and their strategy
  • to provide information from a central resource for commissioners and funding bids
  • to provide demographics and information for various population levels or need profiles

Norfolk’s JSNA provides a picture of the health and wellbeing of the people of our county and the issues which affect their needs, inequalities and services, aiming to inform and improve their health and wellbeing.

How is the information structured?

Information within the JSNA has been categorised into chapters under a people, place and life-course model. Each chapter provides a variety of related topics consisting of headline narratives, briefing papers, reports, profiles, health needs assessments and relevant external websites. Key resources are also included in a document library, which brings together reports, papers, profiles and needs assessments that inform Norfolk’s JSNA.

JSNA site map

How can the information help me?

The JSNA provides access to information and data at several levels enabling fast access to relevant information at a depth required from answers to simple enquiries to full needs assessments. Written with a Norfolk perspective and wider context including information from partners and interested groups providing a shared resource and understanding.

The JSNA can benefit you or partners and groups you support by…

  • Providing information to support commissioning, funding bids, strategy documents and service planning
  • Providing demographics and profiles for various population levels or need profiles, such as electoral division profiles, health needs assessments
  • Providing contents which are aligned to a model based on people, place and life-course enabling focus on a topic or age group
  • Providing high level statistics and a descriptive narrative for each topic which may answer simple enquiries
  • Aiming to provide briefing papers (a structured document for each topic) enabling familiarity of location for information and a high level of understanding, with links to sources of more in depth information or aligned partners
  • Providing a wide prospective with content from partners
  • Providing information and data as one source, a shared understanding and resource

How can I support or contribute to the JSNA?

Let us know if there is information or topics you require which are not included. Volunteer resources and suggest additional briefing papers or needs assessments.

From time-to-time we will run feedback surveys, completing these surveys will enable us to understand better the areas which require focus and improvement.

How you can contact us

Email for JSNA content enquiries.